The Brand

ZAHN-Z is a fine jewelry company founded in NYC. The Arabic word “ زان” or “Zahn,” means to beautify an existing beauty. The first four letters in ZAHN-Z stand for Zeina, Aya, Hiba, and Naomi – four strong, beautiful women of the Husayni household. 

ZAHN-Z is inspired by Hiba’s lifelong love for jewelry, her heritage, her passion for women’s empowerment and the urban characteristics of New York City.
Above all, it is inspired by the spark of joy that brightens every woman’s eye when finding the piece of jewelry that represents her, her style, and her uniqueness.

Hiba aspires for ZAHN-Z to be a fully sustainable luxury jewelry brand that recycles all materials necessary to produce its unique pieces. ZAHN-Z solely uses all ethically sourced materials and conflict-free diamonds.