ZAHN-Z Couture Collection

Inspired by her Syrian Heritage and Architectural icons, Hiba of ZAHN-Z presents

ZAHA  Prioritizes the external appearance & showcases the elegance of a simple curve.

SADAF  invokes the principle of internal appearance & the power that lies in viewing the world without being seen.

Welcome To ZAHA's Principle of Free Form and Irregular Curves.

Explore a jewelry world of curvy and soft façades, a systematic and flexible use of curves & dynamic line inspired by the legendary Queen Of The Curve Architect Zaha Hadid.

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Welcome To SADAF's Courtyards

Inspired by my grandfather's French Damascene House, where walking through the doors of a plain exterior reveals a magical world of fountains, lavish gardens, tiles, arches, mosaics, Jasmine flowers and mother-of-pearl furniture.

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